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Shoreline Chorale January 16 Concert Postponed

We are blue. It’s been two years plus since we’ve sung before our favorite people - YOU, our community. It looks like o (“Omicron”) will keep it that way a while longer. Our concern for public health is too great to risk a big gathering as the next COVID wave passes through the Shoreline. We have decided to postpone our concert until health conditions are better.

If you have tickets already, they will be good for any future performance. We will wait until the “Shoreline is Clear” and we deem it safe enough to reschedule our concert. You will be the first to know.

While we enjoy singing in rehearsal with each other, our true joy is singing for you. We love the smiles and appreciation on your faces as we look from the risers. We’re patient. It will be all that sweeter when it happens. And we know that many others face much greater challenges during these times.

To bring you some musical pleasure in lieu of our performance, we offer Prelude to the Future, a Virtual Performance our Chorale produced early last year. Just click on the link right above to enjoy. In addition to some wonderful choral music, Prelude tells the 40-year story of your community chorale. We are ever grateful for your support.

May peace, joy, and good health be yours,


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