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Join the Shoreline Arts Alliance team!

Shoreline Arts Alliance welcomes high school students to get involved in our organization as Student Ambassadors, Interns and Junior Board Members. If you have an interest in the arts, want to learn more about nonprofit work, or explore your interest in a specific artistic field we have a place for you!

Student Ambassadors

  • Serve as a representative of Shoreline Arts Alliance in the community, educating others about its mission and goals and advocating for its programming.

  • Assist as a volunteer for Shoreline Arts Alliance with various initiatives and events over the course of a year, when the individual student's schedule permits it. Though students can participate exclusively remotely if they choose.

  • Learn more about the Student Ambassador Program here.


  • Work closely with Shoreline Arts Alliance staff members -- both in the office and remotely -- in order to assist them with the daily work requirements of operating a non-profit arts council.

  • Responsibilities might include writing blog posts, creating marketing materials, assisting with administrative tasks, helping out at various events and fundraisers, and brainstorming and executing new programming initiatives with the staff.

  • Special interests are considered and utilized, and students are encouraged to adopt a Concentration within their internship. Examples of current Internship Concentrations include Journalism, Graphic Design, and Programs & Marketing. To learn more please contact us at

Junior Board Members

  • Educate peers and the community about Shoreline Arts Alliance programs and initiatives

  • Work to build Shoreline Arts Alliance membership

  • Volunteer at various Shoreline Arts Alliance events

  • Provide input as it relates to programming and Shoreline Arts Alliance initiatives

  • Chair and/or serve on one or more of Shoreline Arts Alliance’s task forces

  • Foster relationships with the Board of Directors

  • To learn more please contact us at

How Do I Become a Student Ambassador, Intern or Junior Board Member?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Ambassador or Junior Board member, please submit a resume or a list of your current interests and activities by clicking the button below. Upon receiving your materials we will contact you to schedule an informational meeting for you to learn about Shoreline Arts Alliance and for us to learn more about you.


We accept Intern applications in the fall. Student Ambassadors can join throughout the year. Junior Board Members are selected from our Interns and Student Ambassadors.


How long do I serve as an Ambassador, Intern

or Junior Board Member?

We hope that you stay involved throughout your high school experience but we ask that you re-evaluate your commitment on a yearly basis. If the Shoreline Arts Alliance Board Liaison determines that you have not fulfilled your obligations as an Ambassador or Junior Board Member, or if your situation changes and you recognize your inability to fulfill your duties, we ask that you step down.


Although these positions are unpaid, your participation can be included in your college and/or job applications and during your high school years, your time served in this capacity can be documented for community service requirements or class credit. 

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