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The Jeffrey Dobbs Endowment  Fund

The Jeffrey Dobbs Endowment Fund was established in June 2018, in loving memory of artist and Madison resident, Jeffrey Dobbs.


Originally of Darien, Jeff’s passions and business took him all over the world. While in Japan, Jeff learned the traditional art form of Gyotaku, a method of printmaking that utilizes fish, sea creatures, and other ocean life as printing plates. As an avid fisherman, this art form captivated Jeff and greatly informed his work as an artist.

The Jefferey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting

As a tribute to Jeff, a new scholarship, The Jefferey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting, has been created to encourage young artists and provide support for them to further their artistic studies. This scholarship will be offered as part of Shoreline Arts Alliance’s Scholarship in the Arts Program. As paint was Jeff’s medium of choice, eligible works must utilize paint as the primary focus of the piece. However, unique processes and unconventional works will be both accepted and encouraged.

Self Reflections, Tessa Page, Winner of the 2022 Jeffrey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting

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