Scholarships in the Arts 
2021 Award Winners

Thank you to all the artists who applied to receive recognition and support to continue their work in the arts.  Sharing your creative endeavors requires bravery on a good day, and we know that this year there were many additional challenges. Some of you might be performing artists who feed off the live audience to enhance their performance, and some are visual artists longing for more one-on one help from their teacher. But you all persevered, created great art, and found a way to share it with us. That is something to be proud of.


It is our hope that you will all feel honored to know that your work has been viewed and cherished by our team of highly qualified judges. Regardless of whether or not you were the recipient of an award this year, your hard work has paid off. Each and every one of you inspired the judges and gave us hope for an even brighter future, and we are proud to consider you a member of the Shoreline Arts Alliance Family. We are here for you for many years to come, and are honored to be able to support you along your journey. Please keep us up to date on all that you achieve in the future.


The 2021 award winners are as follows:


Instrumental Music


Rosalie Coleman, Winner

Malin Nystrom, Special Recognition


Jeffrey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting


Joyce Huang, Winner


Visual Arts


Emmy Skiles, Winner

Samuel Stein, Special Recognition

Heaven Hakai, Special Recognition

Marina Melluzzo, Honorable Mention

Olivia Schaedler, Honorable Mention

Artemisia Trowbridge-Wheeler, Honorable Mention

Matthew Johnson, Honorable Mention




Spencer Stanley, Winner

Gaby Onorati, Special Recognition

Alex Bunis, Honorable Mention


Vocal Music


Noah Sonenstein, Winner

Brooke DellaRocco, Special Recognition

Caleb Harris, Honorable Mention

Maddie Keithan, Honorable Mention




Faith Anderson, Winner

Grace Pendleton, Special Recognition

Brooke DellaRocco, Honorable Mention


Creative Writing


Sina Takyar, Winner

Brian Girardi, Special Recognition

Carlin Steere, Honorable Mention

Flourishing Gentleman - Joyce Huang.jpg

Flourishing Gentleman by Joyce Huang

Congratulations to all! 

Missed the award ceremony? Click here to watch it.