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Meet our featured artist: Kanika Khurana

Kanika Khurana is an award-winning illustrator, and surface designer. Khurana is an artist whose work focuses on themes of natural history, nostalgia, and intimacy with one another. After graduating from Western Connecticut State University in 2017, Kanika began exhibiting her work as well as designing and selling her own merchandise in her online shop.

With laughing brown eyes artist Khurana is a ray of sunshine coming through the grays of ordinary. The source of her colorful illustrations as seen in her illustrated products is immediately apparent. In a world with a drab reality will get most people down she indulges in flight of fancy through her art for example her painting titled Celebration.

"There has always been a magic of art in my life" she says. " I have been drawing and painting since my childhood. Through my school years, I was an instrumental part of the design team of my school’s magazine and continued in this veneer by designing props."

Khurana grew up around constant creativity. " My mother ran a Montessori school. She used to design learning aids for kids. Now she runs a bridal boutique, my talents seemed natural", she says. " When I was a kid I would watch my mother draw beautiful drawings that were whimsical and had beautiful faces."

Her work reflects her desire to create joy and enchantment in the viewer and it can be

felt when looking at her pieces such as Celebration pictured below.

This features a charming scene of birthday celebration in a forest, complete with loads of foliage, whimsical animal creatures, in Khurana’s characteristic style of illustration that are adorable. Wonderful for new parents, lovely for child’s bedroom or nursery, or wherever you choose to hang it!

She designs decals for kid's bedroom, nursery, home and office. The pair of poppies and a monarch butterfly explore the theme of friendship. Khurana elaborates " my painting style is inspired by Indian Miniatures paintings. I start with watercolors and then put final details with colored pencils."

This incredible Christmas Decal features a magical Christmas Village. Perfect for decorating windows on chilly winter days, this reusable and removable decal is sure to become a beloved Christmas decor staple year after year!

Khurana also has greeting cards and calendars available in her online shop. All of the products are painted, printed, and packaged locally in the USA. You can see more of Kanika Khurana’s work at


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