Arts Patron Circle

In a region as naturally endowed and as prosperous as ours, patronage by people of vision, influence and financial means is essential for sustained artistic vitality.  The Arts Patrons Circle, begun in 2000, is comprised of individuals who believe passionately that the arts enhance and define the quality of life; understand that significant investment in the arts spurs economic development; know that sustained quality arts programming requires private patronage; and recognize the importance of cultivating the next generation of artists, audiences and arts patrons.


If you are interested in joining this group of community leaders who are deeply committed to the values that the arts provide, please contact the Shoreline Arts Alliance or you may donate.

Angels ($5,000 – $25,000)

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Community Foundation of Middlesex County

CT Humanities

The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Earl Grenville Killeen

Nancy Kops
NewAlliance Foundation

Andrew & Fiona Wood

Benefactors ($2,500-$4999)


Lipper International

Edward Riley

Arts Patrons ($1,000 – $2,499)

Jeff & Mary Beeman

Branford Community Foundation

The Davis Family Fund, Inc.

Ann M. Dillner

Ken & Beverly Dillner

Anne Dobbs

William Freeman

The Guilford Foundation

Mahlon & Zoe Hale

Laurie & Jack Heflin

The Hennessey Family

Caroline Herrick

Stephen & Lisa Kops

The Madison Foundation

Merck Foundation


Edward & Patty Meyer

Roslyn Meyer

National Roofing

MJ Petretto

Ivelise Velazquez

Associate ($500 – $999)

Artreach, Inc.

Keith & Patricia Ann Cunningham

Eileen & Andrew Eder

Joe & Cindy Goldberg

Goodspeed Musicals

Dirck & Liz Goss

Guilford Art League

The Little Theatre of Manchester

Jon Pensa

Dolores Reilly

CT Office of the Arts

Friend ($250 – $499)

Scott & Maureen Beshar

Andrea & Sam Bradford

Jay Bright

Leslie Bulion & Rubin Hirsch

Leslie Connor

Dennis Dollahite & Dr. Susanna Hong

The Ferency Family

Deborah Freedman & Ben Ledbetter

Robert & Maribel Friend

Mark Gahm & Ursula Brewster

Madison Art Society

Donald J. Logie

Ivoryton Playhouse

Amy & John McCauley

Eastern Connecticut Concert Ballet

Charlie Trapani

Mac & Mary Jo Walker

Red Warren

Cathy Weiss Sunrise Fund

Oddfellows Playhouse Theater

Inspired ($100 – $249)

The Artists Collective

Andrea Aron

Big Y

Michael & Maryann Bracken

Luciana Bonifacio

Julie & Tony Broom

Doe & Tom Boyle

Mary-Kelly Busch

Pamela Farley

Lynn C. Fisher

Eric & Linda K. Fuller

Elaine Godowsky

Lisette Henrey

L & L Herdle

The Horan Family

Joan Horton

Kathryn Hunter

Marcia & Nobuhisa Ishizuka

Sandra & Daniel Kops, Jr.

Margo Labaty

Maurice C. LaGrua Center, Inc.

Andy & Bonnie McKirdy

J. Dart Messick

Paul Mohor & Carleton Voos

Cynthia & Richard Pacini

Mary & Ron Repetti

Scotella Family

Sandy & Dean Singewald

Barbara Sonenstein

William Stableford

Lucy & Dennis Van Liew

Joan Walker

Linda Waldman

Leigh Whiteman

Darlene & Remy Zimmerman

Dedicated ($1 – $99)

Michael Ayles - Antinozzi Associates

Noah Baerman & Kate Ten Eyck

Susan Bender

The Blackbaud Fund - YourCause

Marsha Brunelle

Keith & Susan Burke

Becky Chase

The Dahill Family

Bryan Davenport

Deb DiTomaso

Donna Doherty

Ann Drinan

Greg & Jackie Downing

Julie Fitzpatrick

Kenneth Hanson

Alex Kops

David Kops

Peter Kops

Kimber Kristy

Joan & Jeff Leonard

Allison M. Maltese

Gina May

Rennie Negron

William Ollayos

Gritli Rabin

William Reveley

Amy Schiess

Marsha Silverman

Tom Speer

Donna Stamm

Eileen Sypher & John Yrchik

Laury Walker

Lorma Wright