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Culinary Herbs Workshop at the Pardee-Morris House

New Haven, Conn. (May 16, 2021)— New Haven Museum Herb Garden volunteer Giulia Gambale will hold an herbal workshop at the Pardee-Morris House (PMH) Herb Garden. The free event will be on Sunday, Sunday, July 24, at 2 p.m.

While inviting guests to touch and smell clippings of the herbs, Gambale will discuss each of the four garden beds of the historic Herb Garden on the Pardee Morris House grounds, including:

  • How the garden was researched, and plants were selected

  • How guests can easily maintain their own herb garden

  • Early uses of the herbs

  • Modern-day uses of each plant

Gambale,an avid gardener, has been maintaining the historic herb garden of the Pardee Morris House with master gardener Rachel Heerema since 2017. Both are neighborhood residents. Gambale is a member of the Mutual Aid Growers, a group delivering produce to people who are undocumented and ineligible for food stamps and unemployment during COVID-19. She writes on gardening and other topics and runs businesses consulting and instructing on entrepreneurship.

The Museum thanks its community partners: WSHU 91.1 FM, The Howard Gilman Foundation, Avangrid /UI Lighting Up the Arts,and Alder Salvatore E. DeCola for supporting the 2022 summer season.


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