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Chickadee Tales: An Anthology of the New Haven Bird Club at the Pardee-Morris House

New Haven, Conn. (July 15, 2021)— The Pardee-Morris House (PMH) will host “Chickadee Tales: An Anthology of the New Haven Bird Club.” Based on the book with the same title, the presentation will feature members Gail Martino and John Triana highlighting the history of the New Haven Bird Club. The free lecture will be held on Sunday, August 22, 2021, at 2 p.m. Attend in person or register here to attend virtually. PMH is owned and operated by the New Haven Museum.

Members of the New Haven Bird Club are part of an extraordinary group of people dedicated to birds and their conservation. The club was established in 1907 with a few dozen members, including schoolteachers, prominent citizens, and high school students. The cub’s history includes some of the biggest names in ornithology, many authors, a pioneer in nature photography, the “Father of the Everglades,” and the beginnings of bird banding in the United States.

John Triana is the current historian for the New Haven Bird Club. He joined the club while in middle school and served as the organization’s president during its centennial in 2007. He conducted much research on the history of the club and its members. He is employed as real estate manager by the Regional Water Authority.

Gail Martino is the chair of the Indoor Program for the New Haven Bird Club and serves as a surveyor for the Connecticut Bird Atlas project, whose goal is to document species during breeding and nonbreeding periods. Originally trained as a neuroscientist, she has held several academic and corporate positions, and is currently senior manager of innovation at Unilever. In addition to code editing Chickadee Tales: An Anthology of the New Haven Bird Club” she has also published a children’s book featuring birds, “A Friend for Bloo.”

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