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Celebrating Connecticut’s Coastline and Waterways at New Haven Museum

New Haven, Conn. (January 25, 2022)—From the Cabernet reds of a Roger’s Lake sunset to the azure-blue skies over Long Island Sound, renowned photographer Caryn B. Davis’s vibrant images capture the beauty and mystique of Connecticut’s shoreline and inland waters. Davis will share her work and artistic perspectives during a virtual presentation for the New Haven Museum (NHM), Connecticut Waters: Celebrating Our Coastline & Waterways,” on Thursday, April 14, 2022, at 6 p.m. Register to attend the lecture here.

Using photos and anecdotes from her newest photography book, "Connecticut Waters: Celebrating Our Coastline & Waterways," Davis will explore our maritime roots, the ways we use our waterways for industry, education, and recreation, and how they shaped our culture.

Having worked at Mystic Seaport and for many boating magazines, Davis knows many people in the maritime trades. But until she began work on “Connecticut Waters,” she hadn’t fully considered the institutions, industries, and businesses unique to Connecticut, such as the Coast Guard Academy, North Sails (the largest sail maker in the world, headquartered in Milford), or the shad-fishing industry which has been ongoing since colonial times. “I hope people gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of our waterways and the ways we use them, and how they’ve shaped our history and culture, past and present,” she says.

Five Mile Point Lighthouse - Caryn Davis

In her book, Davis also includes information on ways to get out on the water if you don’t own a boat, and new places to enjoy if you do, and maritime experiences for people who prefer to stay ashore, adding, “In this regard, Connecticut Waters: Celebrating Our Coastline & Waterways’ is also part travel guide.”

Davis will also discuss the processes used to create the book, including how she chose the content and the lengths she went to capture each “perfect shot.”

Connecticut Waters: Celebrating Our Coastline & Waterways” is available for purchase in the New Haven Museum Shop.

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