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Registration Open for CT Dance Now!

Connecticut Dance Alliance is hosting CT Dance Now!- a series of 10 virtual dance events hosted in partnership with Connecticut University and Collegiate dance departments. CT Dance Now! events will be held on Tuesdays from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM via Zoom. No preregistration is needed, simply log into for each event.

Events will consist of performances, discussions and classes offered by dance professionals, artists and educators representing dance across the state.

The CT Dance Now! series is free. CDA's programs and events are supported by our membership and tax-deductible donations. Memberships and donation information can be found on CDA's website -

The first CT Dance Now! program will be held on Tuesday, September 29. Join Autorino Center Director, Steven Raider Ginsburg, and University of St. Joseph Dance Faculty member, Susan Murphy, in conversation with 860 MVMNT Founder and Artistic Director, Jolet Creary.

860 MVMNT was formed in 2017 as a celebration of the underground dance community and the next generation of hip-hop dancers from the Hartford region. 860 MVMNT displays the raw, intense energy of hip hop through choreography, improvisation and a unique approach to storytelling.

More information can be found on the Connecticut Dance Alliance website,

Photo Courtesy of Ray Shaw

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