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Shoreline Arts Alliance Receives Grant for Website Accessibility

April 29, 2021– Shoreline Arts Alliance is pleased to announce that it has received an ARTE-accesible Grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts to create a website that is accessible to all.

Shoreline Arts Alliance believes the arts are for everyone and has a long history of making its programs as accessible as possible. It has worked hard to try to accommodate everyone, providing braille and large print programs, assisted listening devices, ASL interpreters, sensory friendly options and mobility assistance. This grant has allowed SAA to go even further and update its website to ensure it will also be accessible to all.

In compliance with the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium, the website now utilizes various technologies to allow persons with accessibility needs to adjust the user interface to meet their personal needs.

The website provides accommodations for those with epilepsy by eliminating the seizure risk that may occur with blinking animations, those with ADHD or neurodevelopmental disorders by reducing distractions and noise, and those with cognitive disabilities by drawing focus to essential elements more easily. Those with visual impairments may adjust the font size, or color combinations displayed on the screen or choose to use a screen-reader, and those with motor impairments can use special keyboard navigation tools. All of these accessibility features can be accessed by clicking on the accessibility icon of a blue circle containing a person on the website.

Shoreline Arts Alliance is proud to have received this grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts and is excited to be able to offer these services, following its mission to transform ALL lives through art.


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