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Shoreline Arts Alliance Announces 2021 Student Scholarship Winners for Scholarships in the Arts

Shoreline Arts Alliance is happy to announce the Winners and Honorees of their 2021 Scholarships in the Arts Competition.

June 8, 2021 – Shoreline Arts Alliance is happy to announce the seven Scholarship Winners, seven Special Recognition Winners and nine Honorable Mention recipients in its 2021 Scholarships in the Arts Competition. Students from our 24 town region applied, auditioned, and interviewed for $1,000 scholarships to help fund their education in the arts. Each category had a group of dedicated and professional judges interviewing each applicant and reviewing each application. Shoreline Arts Alliance is pleased to congratulate the following students:

Instrumental Music

Rosalie Coleman, Winner, Guilford High School

Malin Nystrom, Special Recognition, Haddam-Killingworth High School

Jeffrey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting

Joyce Huang, Winner, Middletown High School

Flourishing Gentleman by Joyce Huang

Visual Arts

Emmy Skiles, Winner, Old Saybrook High School

Samuel Stein, Special Recognition, Daniel Hand High School

Heaven Hakai, Special Recognition, Middletown High School

Marina Melluzzo, Honorable Mention, Lyme-Old Lyme High School

Olivia Schaedler, Honorable Mention, Old Saybrook

Artemisia Trowbridge-Wheeler, Honorable Mention, Middletown

Matthew Johnson, Honorable Mention, Old Saybrook High School


Spencer Stanley, Winner, East Lyme High School

Gaby Onorati, Special Recognition, Daniel Hand High School

Alex Bunis, Honorable Mention, The Grove School

Vocal Music

Noah Sonenstein, Winner, Daniel Hand High School

Brooke DellaRocco, Special Recognition, Valley Regional High School

Caleb Harris, Honorable Mention, Guilford High School

Maddie Keithan, Honorable Mention, Haddam Killingworth High School


Faith Anderson, Winner, Guilford High School

Grace Pendleton, Special Recognition, The Morgan School

Brooke DellaRocco, Honorable Mention, Valley Regional High School

Creative Writing

Sina Takyar, Winner, Daniel Hand High School

Brian Girardi, Special Recognition, Daniel Hand High School

Carlin Steere, Honorable Mention, Daniel Hand High School

Both the Scholarship winners and the Special Recognition winners will receive a mentorship with a professional artist in their respective fields.

Learn more about Scholarships in the Arts and the many other programs that Shoreline Arts Alliance has to offer by visiting


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