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Color Constructs- Photographs by Jim Fiora and Collage by Anne Coffey - March 30 - April 22

Branford, CT - The Keyes Gallery at The Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library in Stony Creek,

CT will host an exhibit of Photography and Collage from March 30 through April 22, 2024.

Opening reception will be held on March 30 from 2-5 and an artists talk will be held on

April 2nd @ 7PM.

Jim Fiora has been creating photographs for fine art and commercial clients for over

30 years. Primarily self taught, with no formal education in the arts, he dropped out

of college for engineering to pursue his passion for photography. Jim’s work has

been widely exhibited throughout CT and is included in many private collections.

Jim’s work explores the constructs and quirks of the built environment. His images are

punctuated with strong color and bold graphic forms. Often utilizing colorful juxtapositions,

asymmetry and whimsy, he creates compositions that transcend their simple form and achieve

a poetic balance. All of Jim’s work demonstrates a strong respect for craft and the process of


Anne Coffey: As a retired high school math teacher, I love precision, neatness, shapes, puzzles

and patterns. There is a distinct connection between art and mathematics so I am not surprised

that I turned to creating art now that I have more time. I find the relationships between marks and shapes and colors intriguing. Those relationships have the power to evoke memories and feelings, a sense of a specific time or place. For me art making is a kind of meditation…a way of slowing down, of escaping the obligations and business of everyday life.


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