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2021 Scholarship in the Arts

Since 1981, Shoreline Arts Alliance has been proud to grant numerous scholarships in a wide variety of artistic disciplines to high school juniors and seniors in the Scholarship in the Arts program. This juried scholarship competition offers winners $1,000 scholarships to winners in categories like creative writing, dance, instrumental music, musical theater, theater, visual arts, and vocal music, as well as professional mentorships and a performance and exhibition for all the winners and special recognition awardees.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and special recognition awardees! In instrumental music, Rosalie Coleman (winner) and Malin Nystrom (special recognition). In vocal music, Noah Sonenstein (winner), Brooke DellaRocco (special recognition), and Caleb Harris and Maddie Keithan (honorable mentions). In dance, Faith Anderson (winner), Grace Pendleton (special recognition), and Brooke DellaRocco (honorable mention). In theater, Spencer Stanley (winner), Gaby Onorati (special recognition), and Alex Bunis (honorable mention). In creative writing, Sina Takyar (winner), Brian Girardi (special recognition), and Carlin Steere (honorable mention). In visual arts, Emmy Skiles (winner), Samuel Stein and Heaven Hakai (special recognitions), and Marina Melluzzo, Olivia Schaedler, Artemisia Trowbridge-Wheeler, and Matthew Johnson, (honorable mentions), as well as Joyce Huang, winner of the Jeffrey Dobbs Scholarship for Excellence in Painting. In the coming weeks, the Shoreline Bulletin will be publishing highlights on many of these artists, as well as the jurors of the competition.

Scholarship in the Arts 2021 closed applications on May 6th with many incredible submissions. We at Shoreline Arts would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to all applicants; this year saw a great number of challenges, and all of the participants overcame those additional obstacles and still created great art. Thank you for sharing your art with us, everyone who applied should be proud of what they have accomplished.


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