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Artist of the Month Feature

Are you a Connecticut artist or arts professional whose fantastic work needs a promotional boost in the community? Become next month's featured artist or arts organization by becoming a Shoreline Arts Alliance Artist Member today!



As Artist of the Month, you will become featured on our website landing page, our blog, our social media channels and at least one of our weekly Newsletters. You'll also have the chance to be interviewed by one of our wonderful high school interns. Keep reading to learn more about these opportunities!


Your work on our home page! We get so many site visitors daily, and they'll be sure to see you and your wonderful work as soon as they log on. As soon as they click on your info, they'll be brought to our blog to read the full feature. Your feature will also be linked in our drop-down menu under "Explore".


The meat and potatoes! As Artist of the Month, you will have a full-length blog post dedicated to highlighting your artistic accomplishments and work in our community written by a full-time staff member. This article will remain on our website indefinitely.


Grow your following! Get your work and story featured on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, where we gain new connections with the community every day. A link to your feature will also be included in at least one of our newsletters which goes out to more than 4,300 individuals every week.


Tell your story! You will have the opportunity to speak with one of our accomplished high school interns to discuss your practice and have your voice heard directly. The interview will be published on the Intern-run blog on our website, and will remain up indefinitely.

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