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Award Winners

Congratulations to the award winners of the IMAGES 2023 exhibition! First Honors this year went to Katherine Dickson, Barbara Soares, Sonny Whelen, and Bill Canosa. The recipient of this year's Ann Christensen Award is Ezra Pyle, and Honorable Mentions were awarded to Tim Pyle, Bianca DeSimone, John Zyrlis, Jim Stasiak, Robert Giannotti, Sarah Grote, Cindy O'Neil, Patty MacInnis, Marcy Juran, Bill Canosa, David Hill, Victor Filepp, Kathy Frederick, William Frucht, Emma Zaaijer, and Leonard Hellerman.

Don't forget to join us for the Juror Discussion and Gallery Talk! Links to sign up can be found on the main gallery page for IMAGES 2021.

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