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Zumba Fun at the Pardee-Morris House


New Haven, Conn. (May 16, 2024)—Ashley Vega will lead a free Zumba class on the lawn of the Pardee-Morris House on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 2 p.m. The class will be for all fitness levels, ages 10+, dancers and non-dancers alike. Participants should bring comfortable sneakers, a drink for hydration, and be ready for fun. For weather updates check our Facebook/Instagram pages or call 203-562-4183.


Vega is the owner of Unity Fitness in New Haven, where she hosts weekly Zumba classes and special events including monthly first-Saturday Zumba Yoga. Her personal journey into Zumba began in 2013 following a sport-related knee injury. Fearful of re-injury, she’d been avoiding active sports. But it took just a single class for her to realize that, for her, Zumba would be the perfect way to combine exercise, music, and fun. “Zumba helped me connect with family members, and it became part of my routine, my stress reliever, and something I always looked forward to.”


In 2018,Vega became a licensed instructor, working with a mentor to sharpen her skills and explore the personal and professional opportunities available to her. She took a leap of faith in 2021 and opened Unity Fitness. “I realized I could create my own community within the community, “ she says. “Now I provide fitness with purpose—Zumba gives us the workout we love, and the Unity Fitness space allows us to work on our mind, body, and soul as one.” She adds, “And it really is all about unity. Together we are stronger, despite any differences.”


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