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WORK_SPACE to Host "Healing Expressions" Art Exhibit Celebrating the Impact of Art Therapy

Manchester, CT – The Galleries @ WORK_SPACE is excited to unveil "Expressions of Healing," an art exhibit opening on April 12, 2024. This distinctive exhibition will feature the inspiring works of Art Therapists, spotlighting the crucial role of art therapy in promoting mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Co-Curator, Art Therapist, and Artist Andrew Castillo conceived this show to “help people understand that Art Therapy offers a powerful avenue for expression and healing, that transcends the boundaries of traditional therapy to reach the core of individual experience."

"We're honored to present 'Expressions of Healing' to our community, offering a platform for Art Therapists to showcase their diverse talents and impactful techniques,” says Dr. Stacey Zackin, Manager of WORK_SPACE. “This exhibit celebrates their dedication and ability to foster healing and nurture personal growth through art while providing a unique opportunity for the public to engage with art's therapeutic power."

Event Details:

•April 2nd by 11:59pm Submission Deadline

•April 9th by 12:00pm Artwork Drop-off

•April 12th – May 31st Exhibit Dates

The exhibit is open to art therapists that currently hold or pursuing their ATR or ATR-P licenses, as well as other licensed therapists of all backgrounds and specialties who incorporate art into their practice. Artists are invited to submit up to five entries free of charge, with accepted works to be delivered by the stipulated deadline.

Kevin Olson, WORK_SPACE Associate and co-curator of "Healing Expressions," stated, "This exhibit transcends a traditional art show by weaving an educational narrative around the pivotal role of Art Therapy in mental health, aiming to enhance public appreciation for art's therapeutic value. It embodies resilience and the human spirit's remarkable ability to heal through creativity."

Weekdays M-F 10a-4p Regular Free Viewing Hours (closed 5/27 for Memorial Day)

Friday, Apr. 12th 5:30-7:30p Art Opening Reception / Meet the Artists

Saturday, Apr. 13th 10a-2p 2nd Saturday Open House

Tuesday, Apr. 16th 6-7:30p Earth Day Terrarium Class

Thursday, Apr. 18th 6:30-9p 3rd Thursday Listening Room/Open Mic

Monday, May 7th 8-9a Business Link Networking Meeting

Saturday, May 11th 10a-2p 2nd Saturday Open House, Butterfly Stroll & Cultural District Celebration

Thursday, Apr. 16th 6:30-9p 3rd Thursday Listening Room/Open Mic

For more information about the Expressions of Healing exhibit and other WORK_SPACE events, including gallery hours and artist information, please visit our website: and follow us on social media @workspacemanch.


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