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Teen Art Exhibition, The Third Place, Returns to Guilford Art Center in June


Guilford, CT – Art exhibition “The Third Place”, brought to life by Guilford’s student-led teen Art Club, will return to Guilford Art Center’s gallery on June 8 – 23, 2024. This multi-media exhibition explores the significance of a space which is not work/school or home – but a third place – and its role in fostering innovation of thinking, creativity, and establishing a sense of belonging.


There will be a free Opening Reception on Saturday, June 8, 5:00-7:00pm. All are welcome and the event is free.


Guilford’s Teen Art Club is wrapping up their second season at GAC, with high-school senior and founder, Danielle Bargh, as president. Bargh is eloquent in expressing her enthusiasm and passion for the program. "As I am nearing the end of my time at Guilford High School, I have come across many peers who are unimaginably talented and creative. Each day, I walk the halls and pass by tens of people who I look up to. It is the reason I am as motivated as I am to create these “Third Places” for my community. Everywhere you see them, there are youths in the Guilford area who are going to change the world, one song, poem, or painting at a time.”


The Art Club continues to embrace how the significance of the arts, and the communities that are built around them, provide young people with the resources to grow and thrive. “Over this last year, the Guilford Art Club has continued to bring inspiration to many” says Bargh. “We have welcomed many new members, helped nonprofits and local hospitals, and experimented with different activities. It is its third place: a club without judgment or critique and an ability to appreciate the works of others or show off your own. We will never stop creating with one another, and I look forward to what the future holds." 


The gallery at GAC is free, open 7 days a week and open to the community. Guilford Art Center is located at 411 Church Street, Guilford. For more information contact Guilford Art Center at or 203-453-5947.


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