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Prints by George Schaub

Freebird, George Schaub

Feb. 22-May 15, 2021

Art in the Hallway

300 George St., New Haven, CT

Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

Guilford-based photographer/printmaker George Schaub combines photography, digital processing and stylus drawing to explore the potential for revealed form and new content within his photographic images of nature and urban scenes.

Said Schaub, “Because digital images are composed of millions of pixels, or picture elements, each with their own code, the image “addresses” can be manipulated in near infinite ways, with color, tonality, subject derivation, and form all up for grabs. While this opens up many avenues for exploration, other cues lie in wait. Using various digital imaging software techniques, and pen and stylus for drawing and visual disruption, my purpose is to make content a starting rather than an end point, to explore its potential inner forms, iconography and emotional effects.”

A number of prints in this series originate from digital photographs of vines in sand dunes along the shore and from scenes made in the California Redwood forests north of San Francisco. Other studies draw upon images made at flea markets, city plazas, and of other urban architectural forms. Montage and multi-image prints are also featured.

George Schaub is a Guilford, CT-based photographer and printmaker who served as an Adjunct Professor at the New School University/Parsons School of Design for 20 years while serving as an editor of both consumer and professional photographic publications. He authored over 20 books on photography and digital imaging and processing and taught and lectured at the Santa Fe and Maine Photographic Workshops and at the Palm Beach Photo Centre and New Hampshire Institute of Art.

The show includes over 25 prints made during a four-year period, from 2016 to 2020, and each unique print is made by the artist. The show runs From Feb 23 through May 15, 2021. The Hallway Gallery, at 300 George Street, New Haven, CT, is open Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM.

Information and purchase queries are welcome. Prints are available for purchase and pickup during or after the exhibition by contacting the artist at A catalog of additional work is available at (click on All My Photos).


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