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Meteorologist Ashley Baylor to Take Pardee-Morris House by Storm

Book Reading and Weather-Related Fun

New Haven,Conn. (July, 2023)—Meteorologist Ashley Baylor (WTNH) will take the Pardee-Morris House by storm (sort of) for a reading of her book, “Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox: New England Weather Really Rocks!” on Sunday, July 30, 2023, at 2 p.m. Visitors are welcome to bring any burning questions they have about Connecticut’s crazy weather, and tour the historic house before or after the presentation (12-4 p.m.). For weather updates check FB/IG,, or call 203-562-4183.

Kids can join in the fun as the book’s young protagonist, Teddy, discusses meteorological highlights and adventures throughout a year of his life. Along the way he covers some of his favorite things in New England––especially the weather. Teddy explores nor’easters, the ocean, snowstorms, and other things that make life in New England unique and exciting––like rooting for the Bruins and Patriots or exploring a lighthouse.

Baylor started writing “Storms and Snow, Skis and Sox” in 2018, while living in Virginia Beach. She wanted to write a book about weather, and show her love for everything in her native New England, including sports, vacation spots, etc. She and her family moved to Connecticut in 2019.

Baylor’s goal in the book’s creation was to find easy ways for kids to understand the differences in precipitation types. She contrasts a severe thunderstorm watch to a severe thunderstorm warning, suggesting kids think of a thunderstorm watch as though they’re getting ready to make cupcakes—all the ingredients are there: flour, sugar, eggs, frosting, etc. A severe thunderstorm warning, however, is like a finished and frosted cupcake—it's happening, and you need to take action—either eat the cupcake or move to a safe location!

Severe weather was what sparked Baylor’s interest in becoming a meteorologist. She lived through the outer bands of Hurricane Andrew as it hit Florida in 1992. She admired the work of the meteorologists on TV and began clipping newspaper articles on hurricanes and keeping a folder, which she still has. In total, she’s been a weather watcher for 30 years, almost 17 of them on-air.

New Haven Museum thanks its community partners: WSHU 91.1 FM, The Howard Gilman Foundation, Avangrid/UI Lighting Up the Arts, CT Humanities, and Alder Salvatore E. DeCola for supporting the 2023 summer season.


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