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Grass Island Shells

Photographs and prints by George Schaub

Guilford Free Library Gallery

September 1-18, 2023

Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6

Artist Contact:

George Schaub

Text: 516-660-7756


In the plain sight from the Guilford docks and town beach sits a carefully preserved red house that marks that northernmost point of what’s called Grass Island. Strewn along the shore perimeter are numerous colorful rocks, castoffs from excavations and glacial till, and many worn, eroded shells that display patterns both abstract and ancient in tints that range from sepia to blue/black.

In recent months, Guilford resident George Schaub began photographing the shells he collected on Grass Island in his studio, using plain backgrounds, a macro lens and natural lighting. The forms are not altered, says Schaub, although he worked with color, contrast, dropped-in backgrounds of what he came to see as hidden masks and totems etched in the shells.

Said Schaub, “An appreciation of nature’s forms and patterns help us look more knowingly at the basis of human concepts of art, design, architecture, and even spirituality. They serve as analogies that enrich our visual experience of the world around us and as revelatory reminders of the sources of our imagination and dreams.”

George Schaub Bio

Guilford resident George Schaub has authored over 20 books on photography and imaging, all illustrated with his own images, as well as written and illustrated articles for publications such as the New York Times, Travel/Holiday, Men’s Journal, Travel & Leisure and numerous consumer and technical photographic magazines.

In addition to continuing his writing of both technical articles and self-published photography and fictional work, he has concentrated his recent efforts on creating prints, charcoals, and pastel artwork for exhibition.

Recent exhibitions include work in numerous Taos, New Mexico galleries including the “selection” shows during the town’s yearly Fall Arts Festival; “Pressing Through Time” at the Fechin Art Studio; Three Visions” at the Blumenschein Home and Studio; and a Featured Artist exhibition at the Magpie Gallery. He has also had one-person show at the Hallway Gallery in New Haven, CT as well as work in “Discovering America” at the New Britain (CT) Museum of American Art, and “Visions” at the Lyme Academy of Art (CT).

Exhibit Information

Sept. 1- Sept 18, 2023

Guilford Free Library Gallery

Open Library Hours

Reception: Thursday, Sept. 7, 4-6pm

Personal tours available on request. Please contact the artist via email at

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