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CT Humanities funds events surrounding Oddfellows production

A grant of $1825 to Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater awarded by CT Humanities will fund several interpretive events offered in tandem with the Playhouse’s production of the play Journey to the West, by Mary Zimmerman.

The play, performed by the Oddfellows Teen Repertory Company, is a contemporary adaptation of the 16th century Chinese novel by the same name. The play will be performed at Oddfellows Playhouse November 10 - 19.

On Wednesday, November 16 at 6 pm, Dr. Allison Bernard will deliver a public talk at Russell Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown. The talk is free and open to the public. Professor Bernard will introduce the original novel to contemporary Americans. The talk will be an opportunity for cast members, audience members, and the Middletown community to learn more about the cultural and literary significance of the 16th century source text—a text that is regarded as one of China’s greatest classical novels—as well as the many adaptations and recreations of the novel and its story from the 16th century to the present day.

Dr. Bernard is a Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University. She holds a PhD in Chinese Literature, East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. Dr. Bernard specializes in Early Modern Chinese Literature and Theater.

The Oddfellows Playhouse Teen Repertory Company production of Mary Zimmerman’s Journey to the West will be presented at 7 pm on November 10 -12 and 18 - 19. Dr. Bernard will lead a “talk back” with the audience, director and cast following the November 11 performance. For more information, or to reserve tickets, go to or contact

The CT Humanities grant is supporting this Public Talk, the November 11 Talkback, and an essay by Dr. Bernard in the production playbill. Connecticut Humanities (CTH) is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. CTH connects people to the humanities through grants, partnerships, and collaborative programs. CTH projects, administration, and program development are supported by state and federal matching funds, community foundations and gifts from private sources. Learn more by visiting

Journey Talk Flyer
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