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Belle Vie Café Celebrates Shoreline Arts Trail 23

In anticipation of Shoreline Arts Trial23, Belle Vie Loft Gallery is showcasing five Trail 23 artists. Each artist has a unique voice and vision.

Candace Bialczak, watercolor painter

o Bialczak’s work has the vibrance and delicacy of color from the garden.


Anne Coffey, collage and mixed media artist

o Coffey merges painting and paper to bring visual depth and meaning her work.

Whose Woods These Are

Jean Gresham, glass artist

o Gresham’s unique glass art has the serendipity that comes from fusing diverse glass elements at more than 1400 degrees.


Chris Penry, handpapermaking artist

o Penry’s handmade paper and gentle color palette produce work that evokes the natural world in texture and warmth.

A Field of Kozo

Steve Plaziak, watercolor artist

o Plaziak captures the soft light and subtle character of the shoreline landscape.

West River View

Each of their studios will be open on the Shoreline Arts Trail weekend, November 11-12. Their exceptional work is on exhibit every day from 8 to 3:30 through December 15.

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