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Cromwell Creative District (CCD) offers a new event beginning on September 12, 2020, and running through October 31, 2020. With a goal of bringing light to Cromwell’s historic #inthedistrict area, CCD is hosting a Scarecrow Search with participating district businesses and organizations for your entertainment. The scarecrows, all 32 of them, will be housed in the geographic confines of the district, which runs from Valour Green to Rt. 9, north and south, and from the Connecticut River to Pierson Park, east and west.

Scarecrows will be placed in safely walkable areas, always viewed from outdoors: in business windows or outside - up in trees or hiding low. Residents and visitors are encouraged to follow Covid-19 safety measures when viewing the scarecrows only from sidewalks or in parks. CCD requests you not touch them so they remain for future visitors to enjoy.

Each scarecrow highlights a business, and while CCD members are creating some of the scarecrows with support from the participants, a number of business are using their own creative talents to feature their businesses or organizations. The WELCOME Scarecrow at the Town Gazebo — West St. and Main St. — was built and donated by Bob Donohue and friends. The sign near the WELCOME Scarecrow was donated by Signs by Greubel

This event encourages residents from Cromwell and area towns to familiarize themselves with the district’s businesses as well as take part in the many activities CCD will promote during this seven-week period. CCD encourages participation in eight different activities that are offered during this time; these include searches, photography, creative arts, and writing.

All Events and Prizes are listed at

Want some hints for ways to have fun?

  1. Find all 32 scarecrows

  2. Find specific scarecrows — see list at website

  3. Enter specific events: your art pieces, your photos, your short stories, your poems

And while you are on the website learning more about the events, please consider becoming a Friend of CCD — it’s free, and it helps CCD with obtaining grants to sponsor more events. Please invite your friends and relatives to join in the fall festivities the Scarecrow Search is offering. We can all use a bit of diversion and fun during this very unusual year.

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