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Margaret Dean

Dean Gallery & Studio


175 Montowese St

Branford, CT 06405


The formalized art education of Margaret B Dean took place at a small liberal arts college in New Rochelle, NY. Here, under the tutelage of Earnest Thorne Thompson, she was not only exposed to the many facets of the creative process, but also followed the necessary curriculum to certify her as an art teacher in her home state of Connecticut. After graduation , she was employed by the Farnington , Connecticut Board of Education and taught for a number of years in their school system. Further education also took place at this time at Central Connecticut State University. Their final requirement for the art education masters program there, resulted in her first one-man show in oil painting.

My involvement with the "plein air" tradition started many years ago as an undergraduate . Although we didn't use that exact terminology at the time, the outdoor painting classes required by the art department were definitely my initiation to creating on location. I was intrigued from the start. And allthough it has become more difficult for me as I age, nothing else even comes close to inspiring me in the same way.

When the timing is right, and the many facets of this approach come together, the inspiration, these "moments in time" can be caught and put down for all to see. My goal is to touch you, the viewer, through the marks of the brush. I invite you to enjoy each of my artistic journeys and become one with the creative process..

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