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Brian R. Jones

Brian Jones Studio

Ceramic Artist

170 Fort Path Rd Unit #20

Madison, CT 06443


BFA from Alfred University in 2001

MFA degree from Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX in 2007

I live in Guilford, Connecticut with my wife, two kids, and dog.

It’s an experience as old as mankind—jamming your fingers into a lump of wet, red mud scooped from the ooze of an ancient lake; as old as a preschool summer dodging wasps in the muck under a kiddie pool, wet dirt and snails and grass. A pie. A pot. Kodachrome dreams of watermelon reds and sno-cone blues, stuffing your fingers into a mound of alluvium belched up from the belly of the earth; the masticated remnants of towering sequoias, luffing seagrass, horsefly wings, bear hides, mastodon cud and nightcrawler crud. It’s like a conversation. A jam session. Trading fours with Etruscan potters and stealing licks from T’ang glaziers. Taking your own clay out for a spin. Looking back to ask, “How’d you like that?”

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