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Anne Coffey

Coffey Studio

Collage and Mixed Media Artist

12 Hill Street

Branford, CT 06405


Although I grew up in the Midwest, I have spent my adult life in Connecticut where I taught math and computer programming to high school students. During my retirement years, I have been able to indulge my lifelong love of creating art...and combining it with what I love about math—its beauty, precision, complexity, neatness, hypothesizing, exploring. What if?

As many artists will understand, I can lose myself for hours in my studio. Creating art is a form of meditation. Soft music or a podcast in the background, or bird noises from my gardens, a cup of tea nearby...and tons of beautiful paints and papers to select from, papers that I've created. I'm relaxed and excited at the same time, nothing in mind but the materials in my hands. What if?

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