Moments Suspended in Time; Artist Feature: Cathy Wilson Ramin

Guilford based artist, Cathy Wilson Ramin, has been a photographer since elementary school, memorializing and freezing moments through her works whether they are landscapes, family shots, portraits, or representational abstractions. The purpose of these moments suspended in time? “To highlight the little moments that are always happening around us,” says Ramin.

Photography is a popular media, and artists use it to relay different messages - political, artistic, or simply awe inspiring. All different levels of storytelling can be seen through photography. Ramin’s photographic story is that of human kind. Of course her work doesn’t always center on people, but Ramin’s message is still clear as day, “Whether it be a photograph of nature or of a person, my work provides opportunities for meditation and to encourage viewers to take some time to slow down and see these moments themselves.” Her work is meant to evoke a reaction, and whether it be a calming or inspirational one, it takes the viewer back to a specific moment in time, lifting the viewer into a new world.

“They say that there are photographers who take photographs and those who make photographs. I am definitely a taker. What that means is that I don’t delight in staging. I don’t create cutesy backdrops. I don’t love posing my subjects. What I love is discovering and recording the beauty in the everyday,” says Ramin about her desire to portray intimate and candid portraits. The modern world is often times chaotic and nonstop, and people are unable to take the time to stop and breathe and recognize the small wonders right in front of them. Ramin believes that photography can be a great chance to do that, “There’s just something about acknowledging the world as it is that really appeals to me.”

(Pictures of Parenthood, Cathy Wilson Ramin)

Ramin, now a full time professional photographer, started her career slowly and taught before eventually starting her own business, “I loved everything about [photography] but just didn’t have the confidence to take my own clients. I decided to go into teaching and relegated my photography to the side, pursuing personal projects instead of seeking out clients. It wasn’t until I needed to raise money to honor my aunt in a breast cancer walk that I considered offering portraits. Success from these portraits led to me opening my portrait business.” Ramin now accepts private clients, taking business and personal portraits, family portraits, and even completing “A Day in the Life” shoots, where she comes into the home and captures candid moments on camera. “I believe that the most meaningful portraits are those that tell us about the personality of the people being photographed. I believe that the best way to capture that personality is by recording daily life.”

Ramin’s work in portraits and capturing family moments stems from her own personal story. “My father developed early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 49. This really helped shape and give focus to my portrait work, as I understand deeply the importance of capturing memories of times with one’s family,” Ramin says, “Memories matter and I want to do all I can to both provide families with visual records of their time together, but also to aid in allowing individuals to hold on to their memories by encouraging research to help cure this disease.” Ramin’s website states “In my work, I am proud to support the Alzheimer’s Association by donating 5% of my session fees to the association.” For Ramin, nothing is more important than capturing moments in time, allowing viewers and subjects to hold on to these encapsulated memories for the rest of their lives.

(Pictures of Parenthood, Cathy Wilson Ramin)

This dedication has framed the portrait work that can be seen from Cathy Wilson Ramin to this day. Her work, unstaged, raw, and familial, begs us to fall right into the heart of the moment.

Cathy Wilson Ramin has work on display in the Carriage house of the Women and Family Life Center in Guilford, CT. Ramin also has a piece at Shoreline Arts Alliance’s IMAGES Photography Competition and Exhibition currently on display until April 5, 2019. Ramin is also a member of the IMAGES Committee with Shoreline Arts Alliance and has been a volunteer and supporter of this program and Shoreline Arts Alliance for many years.

Visit to learn more about her work. You can also like her Facebook page at /cathywilsonraminphotography.

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