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Artist Feature: Adriana Wimler, on Surrealism, Nature, and Art

Adriana Wimler, a young artist from Durham, CT, astounds us with her whimsical yet life-like work.

In 2016, Adriana won the Shoreline Arts Alliance Future Choices Best in Show award for her sculptures, Wolf and

Horse, aweing the judges with her artistic skill and advanced technique in hyper realism. This May, she was chosen as a Special Recognition awardee in visual arts in the Shoreline Arts Alliances Scholarship in the Arts: Top Talent competition. Most recently, in recognition of her exceptional body of work and artistry, she was presented the Extraordinary Achievement in Visual Arts Shoreline Arts Alliance Scholarship Award.

Adriana, a soon to be high school gradute, has been drawing for as long as she can remember though it wasn’t until she turned 13 that she began painting. It’s easy to say that she is something of a prodigy because in the span of a few short years she has shown a developed technique that awes even seasoned artists. Adriana’s love for nature, animals, and surrealism seeps into everything she creates.

“I’m inspired by a variety of things. Lots of times I’m inspired by other artists, or a certain subject like a pet or a person,” Adriana said about her work, “I really like any work that’s surrealism or highly realistic.”

Adriana has been developing her style for many years and uses various mediums to create whimsical works of art that come alive before your eyes.

“I feel like I’ve always tried my best to make things as realistic as possible. It helps now because I can twist things into surrealism.” Her work does just that, twists hyper realistic art into surrealist themes and landscapes. One of her works depicts a cat in a space suit, floating just in front of a nebula. The image itself is realistic, the cat, lifelike, but the surrealist element of deep space takes the painting to a whole new level. She juxtaposes this cat into a new environment, changing the entire story of the painting.

Adriana finds inspiration from artists of the Hudson River School, a 19th century art movement dedicated to breathing new life into realistic landscapes. She is particularly drawn to artist Thomas Cole, whose work embodies the Hudson River School movement. His landscapes were often portals to new worlds, nature and reality mixed with history and fantasy.

We can see the reflection of this inspiration in Adriana’s work, such as this painting featuring a hearse driving through a sea of brightly colored water. When talking about this piece during the award ceremony for Shoreline Arts Alliance Scholarship in the Arts: Top Talent Awards, Adriana described it as the drive to the afterlife. The mix of the realistic water and landscape with surrealist colorizing and placement, gives us a full reflection of Adriana’s style and capacity for creating new and outstanding work.

Adriana hopes to attend art school and major in illustration, where she will inevitably grow and develop as an artist. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the world in the future.

To follow Adriana’s work and learn more about her follow her instagram, @adrianawimler.

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