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Congratulations to the accepted artists of IMAGES 2022! Our judges have selected 101 works from a submission pool of nearly 550 wonderful photographs.


Statement from the jurors:

On Sunday, September 18, the three judge panel convened to discuss our selections for various levels of recognition in the 2022 Shoreline Arts Alliance photography contest. The three judges operate in very different genres of photography and this diversity lent itself to outstanding and enjoyable dialogue in our deliberations. It was a learning experience as we each shared how certain images and elements of images impacted us mentally, emotionally, and artistically.


While our original top ten had some overlapping image selections, as we waded into the creative submissions we were able to come together through discussion and contemplation and select some outstanding images. We were delighted with the tremendous diversity of images submitted and the large number of photographers/artists that were recognized. We want to express our congratulations to those artists whose work was chosen for recognition and to encourage all of you whose work was not. Keep creating images based on your passion, your interests, your level of expertise and in the end, remember that is sufficient. Thank you to the Shoreline Arts Alliance for giving us the privilege of participating in this year’s competition.

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This exhibition has been thoughtfully curated to create a cohesive and compelling viewing experience, but please note that the visual layout will vary depending on your browser and monitor size.