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Future Choices 2023
Award Winners

Best in Show

Blank Pages, Grace Phaneuf

 Lyme Old Lyme High School


Mixed Media

1st Place - Overwatered, Skye Gray Roberts

2nd Place - Untitled, Ryleigh Degnan

3rd Place - Parrot Collage, Ayiana Maikowski

Honorable MentionHello, My Name is, Tessa Page

Honorable MentionTrain Of Thought, Dakotah Maikowski



1st Place - Midlife Crisis, Jiang Di Sha

2nd Place - Self Portrait, Aven Kellert

3rd Place - Still life, Annecy Vlieks             

Honorable MentionSelf Portrait, Meghan O'Keefe

Honorable MentionSue and Sam, Aven Kellert

Honorable Mention - They Follow Me, Nadia Piascik

Honorable Mention - The Grey Woman, Simona Young

Honorable Mention - The Spectrum, Lauren Heath


1st Place - Subadat, Paige Lee

2nd Place - Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Sophia Seguin

3rd Place - Burnt Out, Lea Wilson

Honorable MentionIn a Different Light, Mary-Amma Blankson

Honorable MentionMarsh's Many Moods, Andrew Scotella

Honorable Mention - True Red, Sarah Colangelo

Honorable MentionValue Still Life, Kristine Do


1st Place - Thump, Thump, Millie Gardner

2nd Place - A Take of the Pixar Lamp, Kayla Rodriguez

3rd Place - Pepper, Lily Paine

Honorable MentionThe Little Militia, Gloria Conley



1st Place - Coil Pot, Georgia Cancroft

2nd Place - Bartholemew the Teapot, Kathryn Kilian

3rd Place - The Burning One, Hannah LaBella

Honorable MentionBlue Coil Vase, Sydney St.Pierre

Honorable MentionCore, Keondra Parris

Honorable Mention - Themed Tile, Janiya Tibbs

Digital Media

1st Place - Liability, Abby Patana

2nd Place - Conceptual Cookie, June Aarsen

Honorable MentionBoys Don't Cry, Nathan Brauer

Honorable MentionIS IT OVER YET, Sydney Glasgow


1st Place - Dubious One, Kennedy McCormick

2nd Place - Seen but Not Heard, June Aarsen    


1st Place - Meadow, Celia Abbott

2nd Place - Self-Portrait, Antoinette Lowy

3rd Place - Emotion, Estefania Aguilar

Honorable Mention - Freckles, Celia Abbott

Honorable MentionStars, Elise Kennedy

Honorable MentionUntitled, Eli Hamann Shay



1st PlaceVortex's Storm Chasing Compilation, Kyle Malazzi

2nd Place - Angry Young Man, Celia Abbott

3rd PlaceMater, Kristina Bergman

Ruth Baxter Tagliatela Award - Jiang DiSha, East Lyme High School

Earl Grenville Killeen Founder's Award

William Allik, Lyme Old Lyme High School

Judy Streeter Outstanding School Award

Kimberly Holliman, Nicole V. Iovanne & Patrick Shugrue

 Middletown High School Teachers

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