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Future Choices 2022
Award Winners

Best in Show - Noah Sonenstein, Noises

Noise by Noah Sonenstein - Barbara Hentschel.jpeg

Mixed Media

1st Place - Nicole Stevens

2nd Place - Isabella Giuliano

3rd Place - Grace Amato


1st Place - Alex Lara

2nd Place - Rosa Zullo

3rd Place - Alex Lee


1st Place - Tessa Page

2nd Place - Elle Myers

3rd Place - Cathlyn Marinis


1st Place - Meghan O'Keefe

2nd Place - Julianna (Faith) Powell

3rd Place - Isabella Sacks


1st Place - Charlotte Selmer

2nd Place - Emily Sorrentino

3rd Place - Sydney Goulding

Digital Media

1st Place - Noah Sonenstein

2nd Place - Abby Patana

3rd Place - Marina Amenta


1st Place - Giovanni Edwards

2nd Place - June Aarsen

3rd Place - Anna-Catherine Chapman


1st Place - Olivia Schaedler

2nd Place - Matthew Johnson

3rd Place - Olivia Wetteman

Ruth Baxter-Tagliatela Award - Matthew Johnson

Honorable Mentions

Mary-Amma Blankson, Vivian Paradis, Dakotah Maikowski, Christopher Beaudoin, Olivia Schaedler, Saayda Sajid, Emily Matteson, Zoey Albin, Olivia Grzep, Ava Harriman, Juliana Cazassa

Earl Grenville Killeen Award

Suzanne Gaskell, Daniel Hand High School

Judy Streeter Award

Ryan Bothamley, Coginchaug Regional High School

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