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Future choices 2022

We would like to congratulate everyone who had the courage to submit work to Future Choices this year. It was an honor to view your work.


It is inspiring to see so much beauty, color, light, and above all, hope during this challenging time of navigating the pandemic and the current state of the world. There were so many strong artworks submitted this year, it was difficult to make the final selections. We have tried to be as objective as possible, but jurying artwork is not a science. If you were not selected for inclusion this year, don’t be discouraged! We were amazed by every piece of work brought in, and you should be deeply proud of your effort.


A few elements we looked for in particular this year included: a developed sensitivity toward the materials and process, ability to express an emotion or idea, technical ability, creativity related to concept and execution, and composition with intent. Demonstration of technical skill was abundant. We also saw many strong narrative works and expressive pieces.


We encourage all of the young artists to continue to create works of art that speak to you and to continue to develop your artistic voices. This is just the beginning!

It is our sincere hope that the audience enjoys this show as much as we have.



- The Future Choices 2022 Jury (Alice Chittenden, Mark Battista, John Tintori and Benjamin Aron)

To view the full 2022 catalogue, please click here. We'll see you next year!

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