Future choices 2021

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of the young artists who have submitted work this year. As working artists, we realize that it takes courage to put your work out there to be judged in a competition of this nature. You are all learning to find your voice. Your artwork reflects deep exploration and concentration, a striving to broaden individual knowledge of a particular medium, and perhaps most importantly, both your unique perspectives and your collective sense of empathy and wonder.


With the concerns of our country and the world in this past year, we would not be surprised to learn that for many of you making art was something that helped you feel grounded and inspired. During these challenging times, art can be used to connect with others, give expression to our feelings and lift up our spirits. And with that in mind, it was truly an honor seeing your work. We realize that there is so much more to the artistic experience than the object presented on the screen. The process of creation is what is truly important, and is what we are celebrating here.  As judges, we see the finished product. We did not see the growth acquired through working on a theme, editing a passage or taking a risk to try a new process. We commend you all for putting in the time and effort to develop artistically. It is a lifelong process, and you have all demonstrated a level of creative maturity well beyond your years.


Congratulations to the artists whose work was accepted. We encourage those who did not get into the show to believe in your work, continue to develop and submit to future competitions. We hope family and friends enjoy the show as much as we did. So many pieces deeply moved us, made us think and gave us great joy. We hope that this experience continues to motivate and encourage you to further your artistic journey.

- The Future Choices 2021 Jury (Alice Chittenden, Mark Battista, John Tintori and Irene Liebler)

If you have been accepted to the show and you don't see your artist statement here, please contact us at communications@shorelinearts.org