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Expressions in Art
A creative arts community group for high school students


This is a virtual, collaborative arts workshop  for high school students to help encourage artistic expression, interpersonal connection and community building. Students will be creating digital artwork collaboratively with a facilitator present for 1.5 hours a week and will have opportunities to exhibit their work.


Meetings will take place remotely via Zoom and Magmastudio. Digital pens are not a requirement, but are recommended.

No visual arts experience required.

Tuition is $115 per student.  Digital pens may be obtained independently or through Shoreline Arts Alliance. No visual arts experience or touch-screen computer/tablet required. 

Email us at for more information.


This program has been created in collaboration with Art and Soul Art Therapy and Innovative Counseling .

To learn more about sponsoring this program or becoming a Community Partner, please reach out via email to the address listed above.

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