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Come by our in person gallery from 12 - 4 pm on Thursdays - Sundays in August at the Kehler Lidell Gallery in New Haven!


Congratulations to the accepted artists of IMAGES 2024! Our judges have selected 87 works from a submission pool of over 600 wonderful photographs.
Joseph Jurson Portrait.tiff

Curating IMAGES 2024

By Greig Cranna, Joe Jurson, and Morgan Post

There are many factors at play when a group comes together to judge the work of others. Each judge brings a personaI vision, baked-in likes and dislikes, and in this case their own work as a baseline. But, you have to go into this exercise believing every person entering a contest has invested time, resources and energy and believes in what they’re doing. As a judge you owe everyone a reasoned look and  an attempt at sidelining your biases.


This show’s judges varied greatly in their backgrounds and connection to photography, but all shared a deep and lengthy involvement in, and love of, the world of photography. Remarkably,  despite disparate backgrounds, opinions, and with little wrangling, they easily reached consensus.


In this particular case the end was more than just awarding  prizes to deserving photographers. Ultimately a show would be hung, so the judges were also viewing everything with an eye to how they would coalesce as a show.


The result is a collection of worthy winners and honorable mentions, but more importantly, a show with a wonderfully diverse set of personal visions that work together.

This exhibition has been thoughtfully curated to create a cohesive and compelling viewing experience, but please note that the visual layout will vary depending on your browser and monitor size. 

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Kehler Liddell Gallery

873 Whalley Avenue

New Haven, ct


Opening Event:

August 3rd, 2024 -  2:00 - 4:00PM

Viewing Hours:

August 3rd - 25th, 2024.
Thursday through Sunday



Virtual Discussion with Jurors:

July 23rd, 7-8PM

Register Here

Special In Person Gallery Talk with Morgan Post:

August 18, 2:00PM - 4:00PM


Poetry in the Gallery Event:

August 24, 2:00PM - 3:30PM

Exhibition will be available virtually until the next cycle.




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