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Frank Blackwell


Photography is a conduit through which the human condition, the passage of time, the struggles of humanity, and the resilience of mankind can be documented, preserved, revisited and relived. Photography is a time machine.

Each image I capture is a testament to my fascination with the world around me—whether it be the beauty of nature, the poignant moments of introspection on the faces of people I pass in the street, the peaceful nature of a child’s smile, the grimace of a homeless person, the sorrow brought by a loved one’s death, or the wonderfully vibrant chaos of city life. My challenge is to express that emotion to those who view my photographs.

My work spans several decades and a wide variety of settings and moods, with each photograph inviting the viewer to pause and reflect on the story within every image. I am drawn to capture people in the simple act of being themselves, whether they are engaged in quiet contemplation off to the side, navigating the vibrant energy of urban streets, or existing quietly (or not so quietly) within their immediate surroundings. I look for moments that resonate softly (although deeply), revealing the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

I am a street photographer, and in much of my work the details of personal existence and expression come to the forefront of the images I create. These elements not only add visual interest but also offer a glimpse into contemporary culture and individual identities within every country, neighborhood, restaurant, bar, rural street, or bustling city in which I work.

My hope is that you will pause at my photograph for a moment to consider the story it tells. In that moment you and I will be connected, and the image that passes between us will have served a great purpose.

If you have questions about my work, wish to speak about having a personal portrait series done, or wish to see more of what I do, you can contact me at

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