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Coastal Camera Club

In 1990 a group of members approached then Director of Senior Services, “Diffy” Smith, about forming a camera club under the umbrella of the Madison Senior Center.  Thus was born the Coastal Camera Club.  From its inception in March of 1990 until the closing of The Depot in October of 2010, the Coastal Camera Club has met in the basement of The Depot, twice monthly, from the third Wednesday in September through the first Wednesday in June.  We now meet in the in the “Café” of the new Senior Center at 29 Bradley Road, Madison, CT. As stated in the By-Laws the club’s purpose; 

“… shall be to foster the science and art of photography among the members (and) to develop the photographic skills of the members.”  

This is done through speakers and/or workshops during the meetings, twice yearly critiques where members bring in photographs for input as to how they may be improved, two competitions judged by an outside panel of judges and scheduled outside activities.

The Coastal Camera Club holds memberships in the following photography organizations;

  • New England Camera Club Council, 1990.  The largest camera club council in the northeast, they have a conference each summer at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, which is attended by many of our members.  We also take advantage of programs, competitions and other services they offer, to raise our members knowledge and understanding of photography.

  • Connecticut Association of Photographers: A state wide umbrella organization for camera clubs.  We use their judging lists and find speakers through their members.

  • Shoreline Alliance for the Arts, 1997.  A local area arts umbrella organization, located in Guilford.  We are listed on their website and also in their events calendar.

While the club was originated by residents of Madison, like all organizations, we drew and continue to draw our members from the adjoining communities as well.  Approximately one third of our current members are Madison residents.  Other members, while not residents, have strong ties to Madison. We currently have members from an area defined by West Haven on the west, Lyme on the east and as far north as Essex and Killingworth.

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