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Rising Star Summer Theatre Experience

10:30AM - 11:30AM OR 1:00PM - 2:00PM


Shoreline Arts Alliance is excited to be bringing back the student component of its renowned Shakespeare on the Shoreline program. For the two weeks prior to the main stage production of The Tempest, Shoreline Arts Alliance will offer a theater performing arts program, Rising Star, to children in the community. Session 1 is July 17 - 21 and Session 2 is July 24 – 28. Rising Star Program is 9am – 3pm Monday through Friday under the tent on the Guilford Green. This summer we will also offer students in the Week 1 program an opportunity to appear in the finale of the main stage productions and those students in Week 2 have the opportunity to perform nightly as an opening act as well as take part in the finale.

The Rising Star Summer Theatre Experience offers two sessions. Session One (July 17 – 21): Inspiring Shakespeare – Gods and Goddesses. Young artists rehearse short myth scenes focusing on the gods and goddesses who appear in The Tempest, and learn the dance and song for the masque in the last scene of the main stage production of The Tempest. Students from this week may participate in the main stage performance August 2 – 6, though it is not required to register for this week of Rising Star.

Session Two (July 24 – 28): The Prologue. Students study The Tempest and learn a short version of the play. Students from this week of Rising Star are invited to join the main stage production and perform this abbreviated version nightly prior to the 7:30pm main stage full performance. Session Two students will also learn the dance and song for the masque in the last scene of The Tempest

Students may register for one or both sessions as each week offers new experiences.

Tents and rain location will be provided. Rising Star is an outreach program for ages 8 – 15. If you are interested in enrolling a child younger or older than the suggested ages please contact Shoreline Arts Alliance to discuss. Tuition is $250.00 per session or both sessions for $450.00. Some need based scholarships and tuition assistance are available. Each of these one week energy-filled, fun, entertaining theater experiences will encourage creativity, reading and interpretation, and engagement in an artistic endeavor. Rising Star embraces the theater arts and will speak to the child’s desire and need to be recognized, to have their own voice and yet be nurtured as a successful individual as well as a contributing member of a team. The theater workshops will illustrate and educate participants on the issues and values that shed light on the human condition and are relevant to today’s world. Alongside the goals of promoting creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, literacy enrichment, and self-confidence, this week-long program is designed to offer an educational experience for participants. All participants will receive training from professional instructors in script analysis, interpretation and performance, and will briefly touch on set design, sound and lighting, costume design, and stage management. Older participants will also benefit from training in work/life skills (i.e. proper dress, inter-personal development, work ethic, public speaking, communication, etc.) to develop and strengthen crucial skills aiding in admission to college or entrance into the work force. Shoreline Arts Alliance is again working with Shakesperience Productions, Inc. for the operation of Rising Star Summer Theater Experience.

A nonprofit, professional, educational theater company founded in 1996 and headquartered in Waterbury, Shakesperience Productions, Inc. serves Connecticut school systems and those of neighboring states, reaching over seventy communities per year. A recipient of “Arts Organization of the Year” by Waterbury Neighborhood Council, Shakesperience’s programming has proven successful among client schools, with 93% of these schools rescheduling events with the company year after year. Artistic Director, Emily Mattina, was the recipient of the 2015 Elizabeth Mahaffey Fellowship Awardee from the CT Department of Economic and Community Development – Office of the Arts. Currently, few theatre programs for this age level are offered where there is direct involvement with the team of a major production. These students will be mentored and nurtured by members of the cast and crew of The Tempest.  Participants will take the stage to present their own productions on Friday, July 21 and Friday, July 28. All participants are expected to be a part of the final production team at levels appropriate for their age.

Because of the location of the Shakespeare on the Shoreline program and the Rising Star theater program on the historic Guilford Town Green, participants will also learn about the significance of one of the oldest town greens in the country, its role as the heart of the community, its evolution through history from a grazing spot for cattle and horses, a market place, a burial ground, to its current recreational and leisure uses. Surrounding the Green are historic homes and buildings that will also be part of the educational component.

As one parent summed up her daughter’s summer experience, “She started off Monday feeling intimidated and overwhelmed at the thought of learning lines that didn't even make sense to her and left today exhausted but with a smile beaming from ear to ear that she accomplished her goal. What a confidence builder. I'm sure she will remember this summer camp for many years to come. Thank you to all of your staff for their hard work and nurturing support.”

Tuition for the week-long Rising Star theatre experience is $250.00 per week or $450.00 for both weeks. Some need based scholarships and tuition assistance may be available.

For information or to register for the Shakespeare on the Shoreline Rising Star program call 203-453-3890.














Shoreline Arts Alliance, Youth Involvement in Nonprofit Management
(Grades 9 - 12)

How can I get involved in Shoreline Arts Alliance (SAA)?

Shoreline Arts Alliance welcomes high school students to get involved in our organization as Interns, Junior Ambassadors and Junior Board Members:

  • SAA Interns typically work 2 - 3 days a week over the summer on a project that interests them. Some of our interns have a true passion for the arts, others are interested in learning more about the inner workings of a nonprofit or want to explore a specific career interest, like marketing and communication, web or graphic design to name a few. As an intern, you will work closely with the CEO of Shoreline Arts Alliance to define and implement your project. Although this position is unpaid we believe that the experience is a good investment of your time.

  • Junior Ambassadors are individualswho serve as representatives of SAA in the community, educating others about SAA, it's mission and goals as well as assist as volunteers for Shoreline Arts Alliance with various initiatives and events over the course of the year. Junior Ambassadors may be called upon wo welcome attendees and hand out programs at events such as Shakespeare on the Shoreline, escort guests needing assistance to and from their seats, assist with set-up at fundraising events, attend SAA programs and/or events in an effort to educate our community on the organization. The responsibilities of a Junior Ambassador can be designed to fit your schedule.

  • Junior Board Members are selected by SAA's CEO based on their involvement as Interns of Junior Ambassadors. In supporting the mission of SAA, Junior Board Members are tasked with: 1) educating their peers and the community about SAA, its programs and initiatives; 2) building membership; 3) volunteering at various SAA initiatives such as Shakepseare on the Shoreline, Mardi Gras, Sip'n Stroll, etc.; 4) recruiting Junior Ambassadors; 5) providing input as it relates to programming and SAA initiatives; 6) chairing and/or serving on one or more of SAA's task forces; and 7) reporting to the Board of Directors' liaison.

How do I become an SAA Intern, Junior Ambassador, or Junior Board Member?

If you are interested in learning more about our internships or ambassadors, please email either a resume or list of your current interests and activites to We will then contact you to set-up an informational meeting for you to learn about SAA and for us to learn more about you. We accept applicants from December to early June for Interns. However, Junior Ambassadors can join throughout the hear. Junior Borad Members are selected from our Interns and Junior Ambassadors.

How long do I serve as an Intern, Ambassador, or Junior Board Member?

We hope that you stay involved throughout your high school experience but we ask that you re-evaluate your commitment on a yearly basis. If the SAA Board Liaison determines that you have not fulfilled your obligations as an Intern, Ambassador, or Junior Board Member or if your situation changes and you recognize your inability to fulfill your dutieds, we ask that you step down.

What's in it for me?

Our hope is that you enjoy your experience educating, encouraging, enriching and engaging the Shoreline community in the arts and also hone your skills, explore your interests and serve your community. We valued your time and will do our best to make your involvement with SAA a fulfilling experience. Your experience can be included in your college and/or job applications and during your high school years, your time served in this capacity can be documented for community service requirements.